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HD Shuttle Pallet Racking System

DATE:2017-07-05 14:02:33

  Shuttle cart storage system is a kind of semi automatic storage way, the forklift no need to enter the rack lane, compared with the traditional type racks, increased the SKU of the goods and greatly reduces the forklift hit accident rate, the damage to the goods racks almost negligible. the shuttle cart system can realize semi-automatic and fully automatic storage as the custmer requiring.It is widely used in the following areas: cold storage storage, food and beverage industry, meat processing industry etc.
  HEGERLS shuttle cart system as early as in 2014 was awarded the patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office, with unique proprietary technology, especially in the case of large tonnage lifting in the international leading level.
  In recent years, we have completed the smart warehousing projects: Chile OSCAR, UAE ALLM, Thailand JM and LSP ,Baijiatongcheng in Handan.