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Tiankelong supermarket

DATE:2017-07-17 13:43:11

  Tiankelong Group Co., ltd. is a chain department stores, dealing include: textiles, food, packaging etc.Founded in 2001, It is a very famous commercial retail enterprises of China, It has chain store in Beijing, Shijiazhuang ,Tangshan, Handan etc.
  As years of partner, HEGERLS provides a full range of supermarket software and hardware equipment and distribution center of warehousing facilities.Especially their Shijiazhuang Yutong supermarkt set up in 2015, with HEGERLS new one-stop business service concept issues.The store's overall design, decoration, hardware and software supply by us, operation and management personnel training, and even opening ceremony plan, all is done by HEGERLS.Now this supermarket is a super model in north China.