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HEGERLS South Africa AS/RS Warehouse Items Starts

DATE:2016-11-29 14:48:00

  “Hegerls” rcvd the down payment from XF Group of the South Africa.this is for their HDF as/rs item.both “Hegerls” started the relevant equipment producting.

  It is a 3 months negotiation between two party.XF group had visited IMA company Germany and many more manufacture in China and Worldwide.they said “Hegerls” is the better after we checked and inspected all over the world,the main reason is their avilable price and competitive cost offer.
  This item is very special AS/RS different with the included within a sorting system in the warehouse stacker is sparsely in this line both within a difficulty.“Hegerls” engineers doing this with bravery and designed it perfectly.that is why “Hegerls” winned this items.
  The suceed item proved the power of “Hegerls” and will encouraged “Hegerls” go on and on.