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HEGERLS Ukraine Refrigeratory Project Startup

DATE:2016-10-12 14:08:00

  Mr.Gorbatyuk,the director of BENAR company Ukraine,visited HEGERLS headoffice and production base on 29th-30th Sept 2016.BENAR company is the largest one quick-frozen food manufacture in Ukraine.after 2 days inspecting and negotiation,They agree HEGERLS supply cold warehouse AS/RS for their new factory.

  HEGERLS director,Mr.Zhang Guangyuan negotiated with Gorbatyuk, introduced company and products information details to him.Mr.Gorbatyuk inspected full production line of supermarket shelf and warehouse racks in our factory,both watched the stacker and radio shuttle cart,ER etc warehouse auto equipment operating and running situation.they are satisfacted and confirmed with HEGERLS Hi-tec warehouse equipment effect and function.Mr.Gorbatyuk communicated more and deeply with our engineers,both operated the radio shuttle cart running himself.
  After talked HEGERLS cold warehouse AS/RS design plan for BENAR new factory,Mr.Gorbatyuk confirm HEGERLS supply the full set equipment.he also congratulating HEGERLS “HD radio Shuttle Warhouse Storage System”win”excellence Awards”of 2016”the Beauty of Made in China”Annual Awards.